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Cavity-slider & Bifold doors


Space-saver Doors

Folding doors fold back on themselves to stack on one side, while sliding doors can be designed to disappear into cavities within the wall.

Bifold doors

Bifold Doors are a popular option for wardrobes, cupboards, pantry or laundries. They can also be paired together to make a folding French door. They are folding doors which are hinged and stack when opened to reduce space. Two or four door Bifolds are standard but we can custom design any configuration to meet your exact specifications.

Bifolds doors are available from DOOR SPECS in a variety of styles and construction ranging from a Hollow Core Flush Panel door to natural timber, solid, louvre, V grooved or glazed doors to suit your price range and requirements.

Bi-folds need stronger hardware systems than sliding or hinged doors too, because of the heavier loads that act on them as the door moves. So you need to get it right. DOOR SPECS will supply you with systems specifically designed for bi-fold doors that give smooth operation, and will last. Also, horizontal and vertical adjustment is critical when installing bifold doors, as any inaccuracies will cause years of frustration.

Cavity Slider doors

A Cavity Slider door is a stylish and efficient alternative to a pre-hung door. DOOR SPECS sliding doors open and close on a track system that runs along the bottom and top of the doors. Sliders are perfect for tight areas in your home because there's no need to provide extra space in the room for a swinging, hinged door. The unit enables a door to slide inside the wall, leaving the floor and wall space on both sides clear.

A Cavity Slider is an especially useful choice in a small space, or where clear wall space is preferred to having a hinged door such as ensuites, hallways, cupboards and divided living areas.

Any height and width Cavity Sliders are available along with many specialist designs. Steel inserts in cavity slider doors are usually recommended to prevent any movement of the door caused by temperature variations or other environmental elements.

Sliding Doors are an excellent option for wardrobes and cupboards. An efficient track system can be chosen to suit the specific requirements of your sliding door. Wall mounted sliding doors are ideal when you cannot create a cavity but have suitable wall area for the space-saving attributes of a sliding door.

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