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Internal Doors


Internal doors to your exact specification

DOOR SPECS trusted suppliers offer a comprehensive range of new doors and we can help you make the right choice for your new home, office, renovation or addition. 

Internal doors play an important role in how we feel about our home. While they may seem to be less significant in the grand scheme, they add architectural detail and style to your home. Doors create a tactile experience that leaves a significant impression, and we use them every day. Closing a solid wood door feels very different than closing a hollow door made of synthetic materials.

Doorspecs specialise in Builders Houselots.

What makes a good internal door?

A good interior door should work well with zoned climate control, helping to regulate temperatures in your individual rooms or areas of your home. It should also do its part to keep noise and sound in or out of a room, and where necessary, offer privacy. Your inside doors need to suit your overall design scheme too, and match the colour scheme. Poorly chosen interior doors often stick out like a sore thumb.

DoorSpecs prehung doors make life easy too. 

Solid Wood Doors

A beautiful range of timbers from Rimu, Kauri, Cedar and Pine are available in a large selection of styles from Traditional, French, Victorian, Heritage, Louvre, Colonial, Contemporary and more. A solid timber door can be crafted especially to match with existing doors or to suit your own design.

Hollow Core Doors

Many types of construction can be sourced according to your price or aesthetic requirements. Hollow core doors can have extra design qualities such as sound reducing, light weight, high impact resistance or thermal insulation and acoustic retention abilities.
Steel inserts in doors are also a consideration where the environment or temperatures can be particularly harsh or variable. Timber veneer doors are also available in a beautiful range of New Zealand’s finest timbers or exotic timbers.


Many different profiles are available from a plain flush door to panelled, woodgrain and grooved doors in a wide range of designs. Strong design features also include doors with vision panels in a range of traditional or modern designs.

Fire Rated Doors

Nowadays, many circumstances require a fire rated door. Commonly in apartments, flats and commercial situations, a non-combustible smoke control and fire rated door offers anything up to a 60 minute fire resistance rating.

Replacing your door

Replacing an internal door can be a good DIY project if you have the nouse, but it doesn’t cost much to have interior doors installed by DOOR SPECS. As for the design and which doors to choose, you will never regret the assistance of a competent design professional.

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